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IPAF Instructor

The IPAF Instructor course trains and assesses an instructor to understand the delivery of the IPAF training programme. It also assesses their knowledge on a range of MEWP machines and their ability to convey information to candidates.

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2 Cousins’ class sizes are kept small so that we can pay particular attention to delegates’ needs. IPAF Instructor courses generally last five days and are a mixture of theory and practice, with a written and a practical test.

The IPAF Instructor course involves an initial assessment (1 day), coursework (2 days), individual presentations (1 day) and a final exam (1 day). Any TWO of the MEWPs listed below can be covered.

Upon successful completion of IPAF Instructor, Training 4 Safety delegates receive a PAL Instructor Card (Powered Access Licence) valid for 5 years, a safety guide, a log book and a certificate.

Categories of MEWP equipment covered by our course include:

• Static Vertical (1a)
• Static Boom (1b)
• Mobile Vertical (3a)
• Mobile Boom (3b)
• Push Around Vertical (PAV)
• Specialist machines (SPECIAL)

Delegates on the IPAF Instructors course will learn:

• How to instruct on set categories of equipment
• All about the IPAF Operator courses
• All about the IPAF Operator practical testing procedures
• How to deliver theory presentation
• About the IPAF Demonstrator course and
• About the IPAF Demonstrator practical testing procedures

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