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46 m TRUCK MOUNTED Diesel Platform

The 46XDT weighs only half as much (18 tonnes) as other truck mounted platforms with the same reach. Up to a working height of 46 metres and a reach of 24 metres, the expanding cage is capable of supporting 600 kg of personnel and equipment.

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Working Height:

46 m

Platform Height:

44 m

Max. Outreach:

25 m

Platform Capacity:

700 kg

Basket Size: Width x Length x Height

1.10m x 2.40m x 3.70m

Gross Vehicle Weight:

18,000 kg

Outrigger Width:

8 m

Turret Rotation:

2x280 Degrees


Added Safety And Efficiency

Control system for added safety and ease

5th-Generation Bronto+ Control

Resistive touch screen

Cage Control Centre

Crushing hazard protection for the operator

Easy and Flexible User Interface

Makes day-to-day working easier

It’s All About The Uptime

Maximise your uptime and reduce maintenance cost

Superb Outreach

25 m max outreach